Jura is a superstitious little character from an “extremely unget-at-able” place. One of his beliefs involves the mystical powers of the dew on 1 May. … More Jura


Greenore owns a harbour in Ireland and operates a pirate radio station. With the help of Scandinavian and Dutch pirates, Greenore seized a ship, and transformed it into a radio boat. He broadcasts the concept of Loving Awareness (LA), a far-eastern attitude of love and peace, on his ship station. Sometimes he would play an eclectic mixture of … More Greenore


Contrary to popular belief, Teebeebers is not a Bieber fan. He prefers to listen to animal noises and knows how to bellow like an okapi and gobble (and goggle) like a turkey. When happy, he would flap his wings and sing. You can easily uplift his mood with some Chapulines – a crispy toasted grasshopper … More Teebeebers


Clandenny is a wealthy, little character with a big whack of crankiness. He has lived on a flax farm in Belarus for 50 years. His bed sheets, tablecloth and hat are made from flax.  It is said that time and surroundings have an impact on one’s character, and it’s a known fact that flax oil … More Clandenny


Kininvie is wrongly dismissed as nothing more than a furry floral lover. She is, however, a fascinating furry who just celebrated her 105th birthday. Her birth date remains a treasured secret, known by only a few. Kinivie was the first to discover that Hazelwood relieves teething pain. To help heal teeth issues, she would search … More Kininvie


Scapa has a gorgeous golden smile. He moves slowly, speaks hastily and comes to a halt when he smells chocolate or pepper. Scala has the attitude of an innovator, although he hasn’t devised anything inventive. Being an Orcadian, Scapa is always open for business. During the day, he collects scallops by hand. At night, he … More Scapa


Little Livet lives in a tiny room in the hills of Speyside and sleeps on a bed of fresh sawdust. The frequently freezing temperatures and fierce winds force Livet to wear her hat at all times. … More Livet


During the summer, Embers lives in a malt house. His little feathers use to be as white as snow but turned to a bluish-grey with his hot pipe living. … More Embers


Meet Millburn. This little ginger character is slightly musty since he lives in a cellar. He loves to munch on nectarines, ripe banana peels, kumquats and pink grapefruit.
More Millburn


This softy is a sweet little character who mingles with anyone baring signs of slight nuttiness. Tobermory burns seaweed daily. He uses kelp ash to make soap. One of his soap creations, a seaweed and green tea concoction, turned his lily- white face into a subtle shade of green. Save Tobermory his blushes by avoiding any … More Tobermory


This character is an unusual little lady. She collects Chia Pets (terracotta figurines used to sprout chia seeds), her favourite being a Chia Gnome – a planter sculpted in the shape of a seated gnome. Rather than hair, the growing Chia forms a beard on the Gnome’s chin and chest. When Charlie is not watching … More Charlie


Brackla is a nervous little character and from royal descent. He creates esters. Esters are responsible for the aroma of many fruits. He once made an underripe banana smell like a pear! … More BRACKLA


Suntory is a dreamer who strives to achieve the impossible. If you listen carefully, you will hear him chanting “yatte minahare” in a soft whisper. This little dreamer genetically engineered a true blue rose with a plant pigment found in cranberries. By day he ventures out to visit art museums. At night Suntory sits on … More SUNTORY