For about fifteen minutes in the 1980’s, Eldeboh enjoyed fleeting celebrity status by wearing sunglasses all the time. It was believed that this was, somewhat ironically, to avoid recognition by “those cretins, the fans”. The truth of it is that he had red, seepy eyes from the arc welding and other obscure experiments he used to carry out – of which only he will ever know. In his “rainbow period” he began experimenting with tinted, ultraviolet and polarizing filter spectacle lenses. Eldeboh believed that rose-tinted glass would give anyone a better outlook on life. Amber-tinted spectacles should be given to people who suffer from syphilis to “cheer them up” (one of the symptoms of the disease was hyper sensitivity to light). His strange views weren’t really grounded in fact and were shared by few. Apart from Roy Orbison, an extreme case, his pseudoscience never really caught on. 

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